2008 Year End Delivery Method

Whelp, it’s that time of year again! Time to pack-up and clean-up your prior year business documents and prepare for the New Year. We’ll be sure to send you and email with instructions on that, but, in the meantime, because our goal is to help enable you to focus on your key strategies, we’d like to offer some options for helping you to deliver the IRS required documents to your employees, vendors and donors. Please take a minute to download the delivery method form (http://www.ps20.net/download/2008_YE_Delivery.pdf), select your options and fax this form back to us by Friday, January 09, 2009. You don’t even need a cover sheet, just send it to 678.287.1091. It is very important that we receive this completed form ASAP as we will not be able to meet IRS deadlines if we receive this after Friday, January 09, 2009. Oh, and as always, tell your friends… http://www.ps20.net/sneezer


UPDATED 1/6/09 @ 11:39am

Some of you have asked what IRS form 1096 is. Well, 1099’s are issued for any independent contractors or individuals paid over $600 that are not considered employees and will not receive a W-2. We track these for you, if you have any. Form 1096 is filled out and issued to the IRS, along with the IRS copy of the 1099’s. In other words, the Independent Contractor (or individual) will receive a copy of the 1099, the IRS will receive a copy of the 1099 along with the 1096 and your church will receive a copy of the 1099 for their files. A 1099 is basically the same as a W-2, but for independent contractors and a 1096 is basically a “cover letter” used when sending the IRS their copies of the 1099’s! Make sense?

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