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Payroll Tax Reporting

Ok, so if there is one thing that I would recommend when talking about payroll it would be to OUTSOURCE it. It is just a total pain and is totally worth the money to outsource it. In fact, we recommend that our customers outsource their payroll even if they only have ONE person on payroll. [...]

Classification of Workers – Employees

Workers are considered employees if they have many of the following characteristics: continuous standard hours of employment, work full-time or part-time, are subject to dismissal, can quit anytime without penalty, receive business expense reimbursements, are required to follow the organization’s work instructions, receive on-the-job training and receive routine payments of regular amounts.
When a person is [...]

Classification of Workers – Independent Contractors

Whether an individual is classified as an employee or independent contractor can have far-reaching consequences. This decision ultimately determines an organization’s responsibility regarding FICA, income tax withholding and employer’s benefit plans. Mis-classification can lead to significant penalties.
Independent Contractors
Workers are generally considered Contractors if THEY normally set the order and sequence of work, if THEY work for [...]


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Payroll and Employees

It seems that during this time of year people begin reviewing their payroll setup. In other words, by now, you are probably wrapping up your taxes and beginning to plan for this next year. I even got a call yesterday from a pastor thinking of opting out of Social Security. We get tons of payroll [...]