Monthly Archives: May 2008

Ps20 Partners with ADP

Here’s one of the beauties of outsourcing… We just finished talks and setup with ADP and are ready to roll out our new payroll products. For the longest time, we’ve been using Intuit payroll services and have been manually processing payroll transactions. Well, with ADP, this whole process is going to be automated. Because we [...]

Housing Allowance

Ok, from time to time there is some confusion regarding housing allowances for Ordained Ministers. I will say, most ordained ministers know this stuff better than us accounting folk… I mean, it is their salary! Anyway, this is our attempt to explain what this looks like…

The IRS excludes the costs of renting or maintaining a [...]

The Swell Season

If you haven’t seen the movie Once, I would highly recommend it. It is truly a great movie… Perhaps one of the best of the year! So, when Audrey and I heard that “The Swell Season” was playing at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center, we jumped on it. We ended up purchasing our tickets [...]

On The Trail

This weekend my wife and I decided to go on our first hiking trip together. It was quite an experience! We decided to do a point to point on the Benton MacKaye trail. BTW, Benton MacKaye is the guy who basically pioneered the idea of land preservation for recreational purposes. He [...]

Ordained :: Employee vs. Self-employed

I’ll just tell you right up front, this isn’t going to be the most fun post to read. It’s got a bunch of accounting / tax / nerd stuff in it. BUT, it’s useful information. So, here goes…
If you want, you can take notes like this girl
Social security taxes are collected under two separate tax [...]