Monthly Archives: August 2008

Finishing up DC and on to Ohio

Well, our trip to DC was quite a whirlwind. We spent the day Saturday at the library of congress, SAIS and visiting some other places we hadn’t seen yet. Audrey and I went over to Tangy Sweet for a little snack… I thought it was NASTY, but Audrey LOVED it.

We ended the day with [...]


Ok, so today’s post won’t be nearly as cool as yesterday’s. It’s hard to top the West Wing! However, on our way to B-Fast (at 11:30am) we stumbled upon a Pot Belly’s. Holy Cow! We had to just skip b-fast and go straight to lunch. Who would pass up Pot Belly’s? It competes with the [...]

The White Hizzel

So, we got into DC yesterday evening around 6:30 and went directly over to the White House.  Oh, BTW, my aunt works as a special adviser to the president, so she gave us a private tour of the hizzel.  It was quite amazing!  For some reason, they wouldn’t let us take pics inside… Maybe because [...]