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T Minus 9 Days, and counting…

Ok, this is a little gross… Did you know that 92% of MALES say they wash their hands but, guess how many actually do??? Only 58% of males actually wash their hands. This is true… and kinda gross, right?
The other morning, I was a bit anxious to get to work because I [...]

T Minus 10 days, and counting…

Did you know that 97% of FEMALES say they wash their hands, but only 75% actually do?
I guess that’s not too bad (wait until tomorrow’s fact), but, if you consider that the single most important thing we can do to keep from getting sick and spreading illness to others is to WASH YOUR HANDS!
We believe [...]

Mythbusters :: We Tried it!

Ok, so we all came home from work today to find the neighborhood scattered with phone books… You know, the people come buy and throw a new phone book in your driveway every year? Who uses phone books these days anyway? Oh well…
So, I remember seeing a Mythbusters episode where they interlaced 2 [...]