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Some genius friends of ours…

Ok, so we’ve had a ton of people comment on our marketing… Especially from the Catalyst conference. We’ve had a bunch of people ask us who comes up with this stuff and comment on the creativity. So, I’ll be honest… I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF! hahaha… Just kidding! I’m totally [...]


TIM PARSONS :: from Center Point Church in Lexington, Ky.
Congratulations Tim… Please click here to send us a quick note with your mailing address so we can send you your new Apple TV.

Catalyst Together

So, we’ve wrapped up the Catalyst conference and can’t seem to figure out how to express how excited we are about this. Seriously, we talked to thousands of people and there was a huge buzz about us around the conference. BUT, more importantly than all that, tons and tons of churches, non-profits and [...]

Catalyst – Day 1

WoW! What an amazing day! All I can say is WoW!
From the start we had a rush of what seemed to be 100 people all at once hit our booth. It was great! From there on, the rest of the day, we talked to people all day long.

No kidding, we met [...]


That’s right, tomorrow starts the Catalyst Conference! where we actually begin marketing ourselves to the world and showing people how to WASH THEIR HANDS of Accounting and administration. SO, if you’re at Catalyst this year, swing by our booth and check us out. It looks like this…

You can also enter to win a [...]