Monthly Archives: November 2008

Why Worry – Part 3

We rarely worry about the present. What we really worry about is what may or may not happen in the FUTURE. AND, we usually forget what has already happened in the PAST. We forget about how our worries didn’t help alleviate our fears. This message talks about a person who forgot [...]

invest – to Kenya

Our GOOD – good friends, Nate and Kristin Avery, started a non-profit organization that leads missions trips. Their vision is to “provide experiences to influence and define how the next generations will choose to invest their lives…” It’s a VERY cool organization.
Many of you know Kristin and Nate. Kristin helps out with [...]

I was duped…

Audrey and I don’t have any kids YET, but we have some amazingly cute neices and a nephew. Check them out… Derek & Katie AND Nate & Kristy
It is so fun because we often get letters or phone calls from the kids because they’re excited to tell us about something that happened [...]

Why Worry – Part 2

Ok, so this series we’re doing at church is really great. It’s SUCH perfect timing, so I’m going to keep posting about here.
“What are you worrying about these days? Most likely, your worry reflects your devotion. In other words, if you want to know what you are most devoted to, look at the things you [...]

LUO – To Africa

Many of you know, or have talked with, one of our marketing folks, Amber. She’s typically one of the first people from our team that you hear from. Anyway, she is currently on a mission to Jeffreys’ Bay, Africa. I just spoke with her this morning and wanted to quickly post some info about what [...]