Monthly Archives: May 2009

The Banking System Explained

So, I always know when it’s time to talk about a specific subject on here. Usually, several (ie. more than 2 or 3) of our customers have the same question, around the same time. So here we go… This isn’t going to be a fun topic, but, if you get to the [...]

Meet Stacy!

I am so grateful and excited to be a part of the Ps20 team! I met Ben and his wife when my husband and I moved to Jacksonville, Fl [from Atlanta] 2 years ago and got involved at Access Church. They quickly became “family” to us in a town where we didn’t know [...]

Be Authentic

I want a tattoo! There are a ton of people I know who say “do it” and look forward to seeing it soon. It seems to be more acceptable these days, even in the Christian community. (By the way, Carlos goes to our church so I stole this pic from him. I’m sure he [...]

Be the church – Part 2

It’s strange to be old enough that I can look back at the trends that have taken place in church over the past several years. Everything from colors to worship styles, approach to children’s ministry, catch phrases, and even the baptism pool placement… there seems to be a few central events that drive these things [...]

Be Real

I’ve been in Chicago for the past few days. (That’s my niece and I on the right, there! Isn’t she so cute?) I met with the President of our Payroll partner ( on Friday and then spent some time with my brother and his family through the weekend. It was a great [...]