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Don’t give me that “God is sovereign” stuff either…

My wife is pregnant! It’s quite amazing… And just really crazy weird! The other day, she made a comment saying, “This is an area of my life that I really don’t have any control over.” She said, “I know I really don’t have control over the other areas of my life either, [...]

Meet Kristen!

I spent my childhood in Indiana, California, and Alabama. After graduating from the University of Alabama, I accepted a position at Hewitt Associates in Atlanta, Georgia. In Atlanta, I met and married my husband, Adam. After he graduated from seminary, we moved to Virginia, where Adam was a pastor at a church [...]

The Crisis of Credit – Part 2

Continued from yesterday…

The Crisis of Credit

Since we’ve been talking a bit about banking, the economy, how money flows, who does what with your money, etc. I figured this video would help explain all this a little better and from a bit of a different angle.