Monthly Archives: July 2009

Money Sux!

It’s true! We all want more of it, we never have enough of it, the world revolves around it, it’s emotional when we don’t have enough, I’ve never heard anyone say they have too much of it, it oftentimes drives our relationships or our families or our happiness or our faith, we judge our [...]

One Man can start a movement!

Ok, so I totally stole this blog post from one of our newest customers, Carlos Whittaker… It’s AMAZING! Watch the whole video, you won’t get it if you don’t!

A few things I think we can learn from this video…
1. One man can start a movement.
2. A movement need not be started by the most skilled [...]

Do it – The Video!

So, all week, I’ve been posting the transcript of this talk! It’s VERY motivating… Take a couple minutes today to watch this!

You’ve GOT to be a leader and just DO IT!

“Folks, if you want to win in business, you’ve got to be a leader. Leadership is everything! You show me anything that wins and I’ll show you a leader at work. You show me a successful church, boy scout troop, club, football team or business, I’ll show you something run by a [...]

You’ve GOT to have the heart of a champion!

“Another thing in building this winning attitude, you know, I see tall people make it big in business and I see short people, dumb people and smart people, fat people and skinny people, but, if you cut open the winners in business, I see a heart of a champion. And, all these people are [...]