Do it – The Video!

So, all week, I’ve been posting the transcript of this talk! It’s VERY motivating… Take a couple minutes today to watch this!

You’ve GOT to be a leader and just DO IT!

“Folks, if you want to win in business, you’ve got to be a leader. Leadership is everything! You show me anything that wins and I’ll show you a leader at work. You show me a successful church, boy scout troop, club, football team or business, I’ll show you something run by a leader. See, I thought at one time in my life that you had to be smart to win. I used to have these smart people that dressed so pretty and talked so pretty and used these big words. They just intimated me and I said, “Art, you can’t ever be that good. Art, why don’t you just throw in that towel and go back and coach football?” Well, I found 2 things out about smart people… I think it’s almost impossible for a smart person to win in business. I find that smart people spent their whole lifetime figuring things out. They always trying to figure out an easier way and a quicker way. Another thing I found out about smart people is they just don’t get around to doin nothing! They see someone like Art Williams and everybody says, “Well, he can’t do it. Somebody like that can’t do it.” But, he does it! See folks, I want you to know, almost everybody in America almost does enough to win! They almost get there, they almost are over the hump, they almost have it going, they “almost” in everything they do… “Almost” is a way of life to almost everybody in America! But, the winners “do it”! What do they do? They do whatever it takes to get the job done! They do it and do it and do it and do it and do it and do it until the job gets done! And, then they talk about how great it is to be somebody they’re proud of. We need leaders in America who can do it! If you want to become somebody, DO IT! If you want to go into business for yourself, DO IT! If you want to become financially independent, DO IT! I hear too much talk in these United States… Everybody can talk a good game! We need people who can DO IT! I go all over this country with A.L. Williams and I’ve got people say, “Art, you can count on me!” Wonderful, Just DO IT! “Art, I guarantee, this is my last stop… I’m going to win now!” Super-Duper, Just DO IT! “Art, if I could just have one good month and get the ball rolling, I know I could make it big.” SUPER! Just DO IT! “Art, if I could just pay off this debt, I could really go!” GREEEEEEEAT, Just DO IT! “Art, if I could just sell my house.” Well, DO IT! “But Art, houses aint selling.” DO IT ANYWAY! “Art, I’m not making any money, what can I do?” You just DO IT! “Do what Art?” You DO IT and DO IT and DO IT. “Art, I guarantee I’m going to win this contest!” Super-Duper, Just DO IT! “Art, I’m over the hump now, watch my smoke!” GREEEEAT, Just DO IT! “Art, I wanna make it so bad I can almost taste it, what do I do?” You just DO IT! “Art, I’m a vice president now, can I quit doin it?” Nope! “Art, I don’t know if I can keep on keeping on, I’m really hurting, what do I do?” You just DO IT! “Do what, Art?” You DO IT and DO IT and DO IT and DO IT. “Art, all my life I’ve wanted to be somebody important!” Well, DO IT then! “Art, I’m going to save money so I don’t have to go through this again!” GREEEEEEAT, just DO IT! “Art, I don’t feel like I’ve had enough training, what do I do?” You just DO IT! “Art, my manager don’t give me no help, what do I do?” You just DO IT! “Art, you don’t understand… I was Mr. Everything at my former company. You don’t mean I have to start off here down at the bottom and do it, do ya?” Yep, you really gotta DO IT! “Art, what’s the primary difference between winners and losers?” The winners DO IT! They DO IT and DO IT and DO IT and DO IT and DO IT until the job gets done. Then, they talk about how great it is to finally have achieved something unique and how glad they are that they didn’t quit like everybody else and how wonderful it is to finally be somebody they’re proud of and make a difference with their life!”

Art Williams – 1987

You’ve GOT to have the heart of a champion!

“Another thing in building this winning attitude, you know, I see tall people make it big in business and I see short people, dumb people and smart people, fat people and skinny people, but, if you cut open the winners in business, I see a heart of a champion. And, all these people are competitors and they don’t quit. I believe desire and will to win is everything. I don’t know why I am like I am but my butt is always burning. There’s always something that says, “Art, daggumit, you’re supposed to go for it. Art, Daggumit, you’re supposed to be somebody; You’re supposed to make a difference with your life.” What does the $500,000 a year person do that the $50,000 a year person doesn’t do? You look at the outside and study those two individuals, everything seems to be the same. They both are the same sex, they both are the same age, have the same training, the same positions, the same contract, the same fringe benefits. They both are successful, they work hard, they’re good family people, make tough commitments. But, what’s the difference? What does the $500,000 a year person do that the $50,000 a year person doesn’t do? He pays the price and a little bit more! He works hard and a little bit more! He’s loyal to the company and a little bit more! He believes in it and a little bit more! He makes money and a little bit more! He saves money and a little bit more! If you want to win in these United States, you’ve gotta be tough and you can’t quit!”

Art Williams – 1987

You’ve GOT to establish the right kind of priorities!

“Another key of winning in business in America today is, folks, you gotta establish the right kind of priorities. The first company I went with, 15 years ago, was ITT. When I was out there struggling, dying every day, wanting to quit and go back into coaching 1,000 times, my first hero’s in business were VP’s at ITT making $40,000 or $50,000 a year. And, I said, “Man, if I could ever get to be that kind of person, it would be a dream come true. I couldn’t want any more out of life.” A few years later, I earned the right to get promotions to get to that level. I found that so many of my hero’s in business, their personal lives were a disaster. They were alcoholics and divorced 3 and 4 and 5 times. I just read an article by the author of “In Search of Excellence” and I saw where he says, “I can’t find evidence of any successful business person in America that’s not tunnel vision. That just doesn’t give everything to business.” Well, folks, I said back then, 15 years ago, that if that’s the price you’ve got to pay to win in business, it’s not worth it. 15 years later, a multi-millionaire, folks, I can stand and preach to ya today that you can’t separate your personal life from your business life. God has got to come first, your family has got to come second, and business has got to come third. I believe that if you have a lousy spiritual life and a lousy personal life, long range, it’s going to be devastating to your business.”

Art Williams – 1987

You’ve GOT to learn to treat people good!

“Another key in building this winning edge in business is, you’ve gotta learn to treat people good. Another thing that these universities pollute America [corporations with] is this attitude that you better not get to know your employees. You better not become friends or get to know the spouse or the children of the employees because you might have to fire them or you might have to reassign them. And, if you’re close friends, you can’t manage people in a tough minded way. Well, BULL! Folks, the only way to manage people and get the most out of people is to treat them good… Learn to love them and care about them. Yes, it hurts from time to time but, it’s the only way. You know, everybody you work with in business, you’ve got to look at them and pretend there’s a flashing sign on their chest, and everybody’s asking ya, “Make me feel special! Make me feel important! Say something good to me! I wanna be somebody!”"

Art Williams – 1987