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The “Hire Act”

President Obama signed the “Hire Act” yesterday in a Rose Garden ceremony. This bill will impact any employer hiring individuals that have been unemployed for at least 60 days. The legislation allows employers an immediate credit of the employer portion of the Social Security tax remitted during regular tax deposits. [...]

Report on Outsourcing Back-Office Services in Small Nonprofits

Ok, I know I haven’t posted in a long time… I’ve actually been waiting to post, purposely! However, this one couldn’t wait. It’s a great article…
The current economic situation has only intensified the ever-present need of executives of small and mid-sized nonprofits to find cost-effective ways to reduce overhead costs. According to a [...]

Milton Friedman – Greed

This is crazy interesting…

Happy Friday everyone!

The Crisis of Credit – Part 2

Continued from yesterday…

The Crisis of Credit

Since we’ve been talking a bit about banking, the economy, how money flows, who does what with your money, etc. I figured this video would help explain all this a little better and from a bit of a different angle.