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The Banking System Explained

So, I always know when it’s time to talk about a specific subject on here. Usually, several (ie. more than 2 or 3) of our customers have the same question, around the same time. So here we go… This isn’t going to be a fun topic, but, if you get to the [...]

2008 Year End Delivery Method

Whelp, it’s that time of year again! Time to pack-up and clean-up your prior year business documents and prepare for the New Year. We’ll be sure to send you and email with instructions on that, but, in the meantime, because our goal is to help enable you to focus on your key strategies, [...]

Year-End Donation Tracking

When donors make gifts near the end of the year, the question inevitably arises: “is the gift deductible this year?” Hopefully, this will help answer any questions you might have…
To qualify as a gift in a respected year, federal regulations require that checks must be dated on or before December 31 AND, the envelope [...]

Holiday Schedule

It’s that time of year again, so I just wanted to quickly update everyone with the Bill pay and payroll schedule for the next few weeks.
We hope you all have a great, safe holiday season! Merry Christmas!
All of your bills will be paid this week on Wednesday, December 24th, and will include any bills [...]

Catalyst – Day 1

WoW! What an amazing day! All I can say is WoW!
From the start we had a rush of what seemed to be 100 people all at once hit our booth. It was great! From there on, the rest of the day, we talked to people all day long.

No kidding, we met [...]