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Year-end donations

When donors make gifts near the end of the year, the question inevitably arises: “is the gift deductible this year?” Hopefully, this will help answer any questions you might have…
To qualify as a gift in a respected year, federal regulations require that checks must be dated on or before December 31 AND, the envelope [...]

So, what about online giving?

In recording tithes and offerings for churches (I’m a bookkeeper), I’ve started to ponder the whole giving electronically thing (or e-tithing). I thought I’d bring the discussion to the Ps20 world in hopes that some pastor or wise lay man or woman could settle the issue and I can go on my merry way.
In [...]

Stock Donations

Likely because of our current economy, we have had an increasing number of requests to make stock donations to churches. If you’re interested in setting up an account to receive stock donations, just contact us and let us know! Here is a great write-up that will help understand the benefits of this type [...]