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Meet Nathanael

As you can tell, we’ve been able to hire several people that most of us already know quite well. That being said, please join me in welcoming Nathanael Avery to the Ps20 team. We are so exited to have him aboard… Here is a quick note from Nathanael.
“I consider the opportunity to [...]

If you met the president, what would you say?

Ok, so based upon my previous posts (ie. The White House) most of you know that my aunt works [worked] as a special adviser to president Bush. Well, yesterday, Bush allowed my Aunt to bring some of her family in to meet with him for a few minutes. That’s CRAZY! Who get’s [...]

Meet Julie!

Some of you have come to know Julie Smith over the past several weeks. I’ve known Julie for over 10 years now and am so excited to be working with her again. You’ll see from her quick note below that she certainly has the experience…
“I am thrilled to be a part of the [...]

Meet Zoie!

Most of you already know Zoie, as she’s been working with us for some time now. But, I wanted to give you a quick profile of who she is and why she is such and amazing bookkeeper, employee, mother, friend, etc. This is kinda an old pic (Sorry Zoie!) I couldn’t find any [...]


Ok, so most of you know how I feel about Apple. Don’t get me wrong, they make great products, but… well, let’s not get into this discussion AGAIN! This more clearly than ever communicates my thoughts exactly…