Ok, so today’s post won’t be nearly as cool as yesterday’s. It’s hard to top the West Wing! However, on our way to B-Fast (at 11:30am) we stumbled upon a Pot Belly’s. Holy Cow! We had to just skip b-fast and go straight to lunch. Who would pass up Pot Belly’s? It competes with the West Wing, believe me!
Pot Belly
After that, and a stop into Starbucks, we began the tour of monuments and museums. We started at the WWII monument and then walked alongside the reflecting pond down to the Lincoln Memorial.

We then walked back past the WWII monument and across the street to the Washington monument. I have no idea why, but I was calling it the National Monument all day. What a dork!
Anyway, as we walked through the National Mall, towards Capital Hill, we stopped at several museums.

Here’s how we do museums… We go directly to the info desk and say, “We only have a few minutes, what are the 5 things we should see?” So, we can hit up 5 museums and just a few hours.
Natural History Museum
National Gallery of Art
Air and Space Museum
National Archives
Old Post Office Pavilion
The Old Post Office was pretty cool and we took an elevator up to the top of a huge tower. Of course, we had to walk by the IRS… This is me squashing it… mmwwwhahahaha

After all that, we grabbed a cab and rode over to Georgetown so Audrey could do some shopping!
Then, back to the White House to grab my Aunt and walk over to the Elephant Castle for Dinner.
Perhaps the best quote ever!
Oh and there was a “Movement” just after we picked up Mary.

What a freaking fun day!
Audrey is making some b-Fast and we’re about to go back at it today. We’re going to hit up capital hill today and wherever else Mary wants to take us!
More to come!

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