invest – to Kenya

Our GOOD – good friends, Nate and Kristin Avery, started a non-profit organization that leads missions trips. Their vision is to “provide experiences to influence and define how the next generations will choose to invest their lives…” It’s a VERY cool organization.

Many of you know Kristin and Nate. Kristin helps out with a good bit of our marketing stuff. In fact, she was part of the team that put together our materials and plans for the Catalyst Conference. Nate worked with us at North Point and now works full-time for the Billy Graham Organization. Anyway, they left for Kenya a few days ago and I wanted to put out a quick post to ask you all for your prayers. For this trip, they have partnered with an organization 410bridge.

Here is a quick note from Nate…

The purpose of our trip is to serve and encourage the children and youth who live in the 410bridge communities and be a faithful steward of our 1 college student to help build a foundation of strategic relationships that will allow us to begin providing a life changing experience for young adults on a regular basis with our hope of influencing and investing in the lives of the next generations both in America, in the lives of our Kenyan friends, and ultimately many corners in the world.

If you want to get involved, go on a trip with them! Visit their website at or join their facebook group

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