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Many of you know, or have talked with, one of our marketing folks, Amber. She’s typically one of the first people from our team that you hear from. Anyway, she is currently on a mission to Jeffreys’ Bay, Africa. I just spoke with her this morning and wanted to quickly post some info about what they’re doing and ask you to keep them in your prayers. As many of you have likely been on mission trips like this before, it can be quite a challenging time. They are in a difficult part of the country and there is quite a bit of segregation and racism. Just keep them in your prayers, if you would.

Here is a note from Amber…

“I’m heading to Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa to serve at an orphanage I sponsor through LUO, a non-profit dedicated to setting children free from poverty. I’m a board member for LUO and this is my first venture to visit one of our orphanages. I will be leading a team of sponsors from around the US to Africa. We will be spending 10 days with a local church body and volunteers who have dedicated time to serving in the orphanage. As a mission we want to focus on enabling communities to rally around the orphans in their area. The orphanage we will be working with is in an incredibly impoverished area outside Jeffrey’s Bay. The majority of the children have lost parents to AIDS and other diseases. LUO has provided the funds for two meals a day, an academic and biblical education program, medical supplies and has hired a full time teacher. We desire to give these children hope, life and love. Please pray for our team as we travel through foreign lands and present the Gospel, and that we will be able to promote sustainability within this community!”

If you would like to get in touch with LUO their website is and their blog is

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    Zach,I have often envied those that God cealld to go on the greatest adventure. That is what you are going on! To trust God completely for your basic needs on a daily basis, to live in absolute poverty with no possessions, and to seek to win souls: there can be no greater adventure for the God-made human spirit!Making money and having things’ is a hollow and empty way to live. I have fallen into that trap in the past, and was sucessful at it. But what eternal value does it bring? You are stepping into the ultimate game, the most ferocious battle, and the most rewarding endeavor that a man can choose, and yes it is a choice!You are laying up your treasures in Heaven!God will supply all your needs, and in addition to supporting you financially when we can, we will remember you in our prayers daily. Please pray for us as well.Your brother in Christ,Dean Phillips

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