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Our reason for existence is to help YOU live out YOUR dreams and share YOUR stories!

We do that by enabling YOU to focus on that dream and what YOU’VE been called to do!

Bottom line, we know how hard it is to start a company, church or non-profit, or any organization for that matter… We’ve DONE it! The reason we started this company is to partner with organizations and provide services that allow those organizations to focus on the reasons they exist.

Through these relationships…

  • We’ve seen churches grow and stay focused from a renewed sense of leadership!
  • We’ve seen small businesses reach heights they never thought they could reach!
  • We’ve seen non-profits feed the hungry, clothe the naked and provide shelters for the homeless!
  • We’ve seen individuals with a passion and calling finally able to take the leap!
  • We’ve seen lives changed and families renewed!
  • We’ve seen people now able to live out their dreams and share their stories!

So, how do we do this? Well, our accountants and support staff are top notch! They have all worked for major corporations and / or "big 5" accounting firms, with companies ranging from several thousand dollars a month to companies with revenues over $9 billion a year. We have separate groups of staff that focus on each of the industries / organizational structures we support and we’ve spent years developing the best, most efficient systems and processes that are continually being updated and perfected! We focus on this stuff so you can focus on your stuff!

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