One Man can start a movement!

Ok, so I totally stole this blog post from one of our newest customers, Carlos Whittaker… It’s AMAZING! Watch the whole video, you won’t get it if you don’t!

A few things I think we can learn from this video…

1. One man can start a movement.
2. A movement need not be started by the most skilled member of the movement.
3. When beginning your movement, and you look around and nobody else is joining your dance, just keep dancing.
4. When the one guy who joins your movement slowly fades away, keep going.
5. Before you know it, the people joining your movement won’t even know you started it.
6. When your movement takes a life of it’s own, just let go… There will be no stopping it.
7. The very people who are staring at you like your nuts, as you “movement” alone, will be the very same people dancing the hardest in the end.

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