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Our accounting and bookkeeping services are the perfect solution for your church or non-profit! Our experienced staff will standardize the entry of donations and expenses as well as help save you time and money while simplifying your workflow!

We recognize that pastors typically wear many hats in their organizations. They are the ones called on to perform weddings and funerals. They are asked to counsel people through difficult times and they are the first ones called when someone has to go to the hospital. Pastors are the ones leading mission trips and building buildings, working with graphic designers one day and baptizing people the next. In all of our time working with pastors and churches, we have found that pastors love their jobs and would never do anything else. What we have also discovered is that the most grueling, frustrating “hat” the pastor wears is the accounting and administrative one. That is where we enter the picture. We need pastors to encourage, counsel, and teach us, so let us do the administrative duties that deter pastors from accomplishing their mission!

Our staff has expertise in start-ups and church planting and, most recently, is working with the North Point Community Church (Alpharetta, Ga) Strategic Partnership division in supporting their partnership churches.

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