So, I just got done running. No kidding, I’m actually still panting and my keyboard is getting sweat drips as I type! I don’t run very often… in fact, this is the first time I’ve run in quite awhile. Several years ago, I ran the Chicago Marathon and, since then, I’ve hardly run at all. For whatever reason, my body said, “Whelp, you ran 26.2 miles in just under 4 hours… You never have to run again!” I don’t [and have NEVER] like running at all, BUT, there is one thing about running that I do like. It gives me 20 or 30 (sometimes only 10 or 15) minutes to do NOTHING but think. Actually, I usually fill that time praying! “Lord, please get me back home before I pass out.” No, really, I do spend that time, typically, in prayer.

Today, Nathanael and I had our weekly “Tactical Meeting”! Yeah, I’m a dork… what else should I call it though? We met and talked through our trip to Orlando and the folks we met at the Exponential Conference. It was amazing! We also talked through our involvement at the upcoming conferences like The Sticks Conference, Drive and Catalyst! It’s crazy! We were talking through some of the amazing people we’ve met and I, for some reason, decided to share with Nathanael that this “Big Named” church guy followed ME on Twitter! Honestly, I didn’t even really know who he was, but I thought I was pretty cool that he followed ME! How did he even find me? I was quickly brought back to reality when I saw that he had, literally, THOUSANDS of followers on Twitter and that I was just one of everyone else.

So, as I was running this evening, I was really humbled thinking through that discussion. How prideful of me! Seriously, and I’m not just saying this to sound humble, I really am a nobody! As I was thinking about this, I realized how many TRULY amazing people the Lord has had cross my path. I was asking for forgiveness for my pride and thanking the Lord for all the amazing people in my life. You may not realize this, but the folks on the Ps20 team are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. You do know that Kristy was an auditor at Arthur Andersen and then was a project manager at Baxter Pharmaceuticals. Zoie was an auditor at Coca-Cola Company and then helped start a church! Stacy worked for North Point Community Church… Need I say more? Julie worked for a company that is now about a Billion $ in revenue! Kristen was a quality assurance manager for Hewitt Associates! Nathanael worked for Starbucks Corporation, started a church in Pittsburgh and worked for Billy Graham! And the list goes on and on! How in the world did I get these people on my team? Do you realize that the people doing your books… paying your bills, recording your deposits, balancing your bank statements, etc. are seriously some of the best of the best?

Bottom line, my run tonight taught me this. It’s not about who I am and what I can do… It’s about what the Lord does through us! It’s about the “Somebodies” that He brings into my life and that I surround myself with who make me a better person and make our products and services what they are! I am so thankful for all of you who have jumped on this crazy train, who have grabbed this vision that the Lord set before us and have helped make this what it is.

Ya’ll amaze me every daggum day!

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