T Minus 9 Days, and counting…

Sometimes it\'s hardOk, this is a little gross… Did you know that 92% of MALES say they wash their hands but, guess how many actually do??? Only 58% of males actually wash their hands. This is true… and kinda gross, right?

The other morning, I was a bit anxious to get to work because I had my whole day planned out. I had a nice list of things I was going to get done and I was ready to get rockin. About 10 minutes after I got started working, I got a call from our IT guy who said that our phone system was having problems. Well, when that happens, our fax machines have problems too and that is a REAL problem. I ended up spending 2/3 of my day working with our IT guys and the ip phone company to get us back up and running.

Have you ever had a day like that? Where you have a list of things that you are SUPPOSED to do, but something pulls you off in a different direction and you never end up getting through your list! I’ve found that most of the time, this happens when I’m spread too thin or I’m taking on a responsibility that is outside of my focus.

The single most important thing we can do to keep ourselves from getting sick and spreading germs is to WASH OUR HANDS. In that same way, I believe that the single most important thing I can do to keep myself focused on the things I’m supposed to be doing is to WASH MY HANDS of those things that I SHOULDN’T be doing. It’s hard, I know… BELIEVE ME! But, I have to force myself to do it… AND, guess what? It’s worth it EVERY TIME.

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