The White Hizzel

So, we got into DC yesterday evening around 6:30 and went directly over to the White House.  Oh, BTW, my aunt works as a special adviser to the president, so she gave us a private tour of the hizzel.  It was quite amazing!  For some reason, they wouldn’t let us take pics inside… Maybe because of all the top secret stuff that goes on in there.
Going into the West Wing
The “West Wing” was pretty sweet.  Not anything like what you see on TV.  The oval office was smaller than I thought.  I sat in Bush’s chair, put my feet up on the desk and started barking out orders… for some reason, nobody listened!  Anyway, it was pretty cool… I did use the restroom directly across from the oval office and can vouch that the $400 toilet seats are quite amazing and totally worth it. I used Bush’s medicated hand lotion… Now I know why he has such silky smooth skin!
Rose Garden Isn\'t she cute
We went out into the rose garden and it was very nice. Bush had just played with his dogs and left the soccer ball out in the grass. Silly guy!
Press Room
Then, we went over to the press room and played around in there. It was pretty cool too!

So, all in all, it was pretty cool and something that I’ll probably never get to do again. BTW, my aunt’s office is so top secret that you have to type in this special code just to get into the door. Crazy! She wouldn’t let us in because it is a “Secured Area”. She can’t even take her own cell phone in there. Nothing goes in and nothing comes out! Check out these guys… mwwwhahaha
Don\'t mess with us

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  1. Sanford Levings
    Posted August 18, 2008 at 9:23 pm | Permalink

    $400 toilet seats ?!??! yikes !!

    What administration put those in?

    Glad to hear there were no interns to be found….

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