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Well, it’s a crazy time of year for most of us. Tax returns, filing, cleaning up 2007 stuff… “Spring Cleaning”! A few weeks ago, my wife and I moved back to Atlanta after spending a year with Access Church in Jacksonville, Fl. My clothes are still in boxes as I’ve spent the last few weeks getting the office setup and back running. It’s been fun! Working for Access Church was amazing and we learned so much from the team there. Kristy has done a GREAT job keeping the ship afloat during this transition.

So, here we are… Back in Atlanta, loving life and the business moving forward nicely. Our business is at a turning point though… We need to hire a few fun, energetic, personable people who are passionate about helping churches and other ministries work towards the mission the Lord has put before them. There are over 30,000 churches, just in the Southeast alone, that are in our target… Think of the impact those churches already have on the world and how we might be able to help! If you’re interested in being a part of our team, in the area of sales and marketing, please contact us. We really are looking for fun, energetic people who are self motivated, can work from home and are willing to step out.

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