Why Worry – Part 3

We rarely worry about the present. What we really worry about is what may or may not happen in the FUTURE. AND, we usually forget what has already happened in the PAST. We forget about how our worries didn’t help alleviate our fears. This message talks about a person who forgot about God’s past faithfulness. His worries drove him to a place emotionally, spiritually, physically, and relationally he should have never gone. AND, in response, God asked him a very important question that continues to speak to us today.

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Just like Elijah, when our worries overwhelm us, we retreat to places we should never go. We often forget about God’s past faithfulness, because we are too concerned with the uncertainty of the future. God’s invitation to us every day is to go back – go back and fully engage with the reality of today, trusting that God is more concerned for your tomorrow than you ever need to be.

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